Origines of the project

Within the framework of my studies, the ENSAIA (National Engineering School of Agronomy and Food Sciences) (Nancy) gave me the opportunity to do a project abroad in a gap year.

I wanted to devote myself to an environmental cause following my passion for big cats and which can be useful for associations. The lynx is widely distributed in the territory of Europe (including France) and is one of the cats that still fascinates by its mysterious character. Unfortunately, today it is a species classified as "endangered" by IUCN*. This observation struck me and pushed up me to do a project.
*IUCN : International Union for Conservation of Nature

Biodiversity is an integral part of sustainable development, at the heart of current debates and its interest has been very well described by Blondel:

"Removing a species is to tear a page from the great encyclopedia of life, to ampute this wonderful anthology which is the fabulous wealth of shapes, colors, smells, behavior, organizational plans, stratagems and strategies for winning media, resource development that evolution has invented that, despite the myriad pitfalls of a fundamentally violent, organizations are able to stay in the game of life. "

Source : http://hewhowalkswithtigers.deviantart.com/
I wanted to put my project in this issue of biodiversity: the extinction of many essential species for the functioning of food chains is worrying and it is crucial to consider the preservation solutions and to establish cohabitation.

The European Union pledged to stem the loss of biodiversity by 2010 but this should be continued beyond the awareness campaign.

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