dimanche 12 février 2012

Successful in tracking lynx

Here are some photos of the tracking, I will complete this article with comments later!

Footprint of roe deer ©Landeline Valory

Warning boars and reindeers ^^ ©Landeline Valory

Roe deer trail ©Landeline Valory

Roe deer trail ©Landeline Valory

A completely frozen creek! ©Landeline Valory

Resting place of Roe deer dug in the snow ©Landeline Valory
Dog or wolf? ©Landeline Valory
Footprints of a hare ©Landeline Valory

Footprints of fox

Footprints of lynx at last!! ©Landeline Valory

©Landeline Valory

Another footprint of lynx ©Landeline Valory

©Landeline Valory

©Landeline Valory

Sometimes lynx leaves his paws drag  ©Landeline Valory

In deep snow... ©Landeline Valory

The way of the lynx ©Landeline Valory

He manages to sneak everywhere! ©Landeline Valory

Some climbing... ©Landeline Valory

Suddenly the forest seems to be immense ©Landeline Valory

The stem seems to have attracted his attention, probably for marking ©Landeline Valory

©Landeline Valory

©Landeline Valory

©Landeline Valory

The car I used for the trip! ©Landeline Valory
©Landeline Valory

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