mardi 13 décembre 2011

Excursion to Grimsö (Dec 5th)

The next day at 8:40, here I am Grimsö

SLU means Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Grimsö is the research department of "Biological Conservation" of SLU.
[This University is in Uppsala]

     I met several researchers : Henrik Andrén, Guillaume Chapron and Gustaf Samelius who shared their knowledge about lynx, its management and also other structures to meet in Sweden.
       There are over 1500 lynx spread throughout Sweden and shooting are allowed each year : Sweden decides to kill between 100 and 200 lynx each year following the lynx population dynamics...

Now I must write and synthesize all the info!

I will detail the different types of capture lynx.
Lynx anesthetized in a trap
Source : Grimsö Wildlife Research Station

Articles coming soon!

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