mardi 20 décembre 2011

Visiting to a Natural Park before going to Grimsö (Dec 4th)

         I rented a car for two days, Sunday and Monday, in order to make the first stretch of road up Grimsö (located approximately 3 hours drive from Uppsala) and the opportunity to visit a natural park located not far:
the National Park Färnebofjärdens where lynx may spend.

The point A is Uppsala, the point B is Grimsö

As there was no snow, I did not make any illusions: finding any traces of lynx would be difficult!

The sign "Beware of the reindeer" already indicates that there is plenty of animal :)

Not a lot of agriculture on the horizon ... just the forest all around ...

A beautiful place for the lynx!
The beautiful green forest, typical.

With a few rocks here and there ... I have to say it's quite magical landscape.

And here are the first bodies of water. You should know that this park is made ​​up of several islands surrounded by water and provides shelter for many birds.

Some footprints of animals but they were those of a dog.

 Illustration of the lynx on the panels of the Park.
The sign says "the lynx IS Regularly sighted" (lynx is a regular overview)
We are on the tip of Osta, near the "i"

All the red dots represent the main National Natural Park of Sweden.
 Uppsala is north of that of Angsö I would like to visit soon when there is snow, very important for tracking Footprint!

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